From the backyard to the barnyard, the marsh to the rain forest, any place is a happier place with the sound and color of our feathered neighbors.

Their individuality in personality and plumage comes home to roost in these sculptures.

Made from a cold cast stone resin, beautifully hand painted and individually boxed.

$18.88 Each - Approx. 5" high

Golden Eagle Bald Eagle


Blue Jay Canadian Goose Cockatoo Owl
African Grey Parrot - Blue Parrot - Red Parrot - Green Mallard Duck
Puffin Toucan - White Breast Toucan - Sulphur Breast Hen - White* Hen - Black*
Hen - Brown* Rooster - White Rooster - Black Rooster - Brown Turkey


*Hens are 2 pieces.  The Hen figurine and the Nest with molded eggs.

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