Approx. 4" to 5" long x 2" to 4" tall

Each figurine is carefully hand painted for that extra bit of realism.

A collection that offers the world's most popular dog breeds as well as its rarest!

From Afghans to Yorkshire Terriers, they're here!!

All dog figurines are individually boxed.

$18.88 Each

Gordon Setter Figurine Great Dane Figurine - Black Great Dane Figurine - Black - Uncropped Great Dane Figurine - Fawn Great Dane Figurine - Fawn - Uncropped
Gordon Setter Great Dane Black Great Dane Black Uncropped Great Dane Fawn Great Dane Fawn Uncropped
Great Dane Figurine - Harlequin Great Dane Figurine - Harlequin - Uncropped Great Pyrenees Figurine Greyhound Figurine - Black Greyhound Figurine - Brindle
Great Dane Harlequin Great Dane Harlequin Uncropped Great Pyranees Greyhound Black Greyhound Brindle

$18.88 Each

Greyhound Figurine - Gray Greyhound Figurine - Tan Husky Figurine - Black/White - Brown Eyes Husky Figurine - Black/White - Blue Eyes Husky Figurine - Red/White - Blue Eyes
Greyhound  Gray Greyhound - Tan Husky Black/White Brown Eyes Husky Black/White  Blue Eyes Husky Red/White Blue Eyes
Irish Setter Figurine Irish Wolfhound Figurine Jack Russell Terrier Figurine - Black/White Jack Russell Terrier Figurine - Brown/White
Irish Setter Irish Wolfhound Italian Greyhound Jack Russell Terrier - Black/White Jack Russell Terrier - Brown/White

$18.88 Each

Jack Russell Terrier Figurine - Black/White - Rough Coat Jack Russell Terrier Figurine - Rough Coat Japanese Chin Figurine - Black/White Japanese Chin Figurine - Red/White Keeshond Figurine
Jack Russell Terrier Black/White Roughcoat Jack Russell Terrier Brown/White Roughcoat Japanese Chin Black/White Japanese Chin Red/White Keeshond
Kerry Blue Terrier Figurine Komondor Figurine Kuvasz Figurine Labrador Retriever Figurine - Black Labrador Retriever Figurine - Chocolate
Kerry Blue Terrier Komondor Kuvasz Labrador Retriever - Black Labrador Retriever Chocolate


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