Pair your favorite cat with your favorite beverage!

Pewter-base, cork bottle stoppers designed to fit any standard bottle. 

Approx. 3 to 3-1/2" tall.

Find Wedding, Police, Fire and more under "Other Stoppers".

$13.95 Each

Shorthair Silver Tabby Shorthair Black/White Tabby Brown Tabby Red Tabby Shorthair Calico
Cornish Rex - Tortoise/White Cornish Rex - Blue Persian - White Persian - Red Ragdoll

Maine Coon Silver Tabby Maine Coon Brown Tabby Siamese Oriental Shorthair - White Scottish Fold Brown Tabby
Scottish Fold - Tortoise/White Manx - Black/White Manx - Red Tabby Japanese Bobtail - Tortoise/White Short Hair Black Cat


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